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leave tracking spreadsheet inspirational free annual excel task tracker template templates for multiple project

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OpenOffice Calc has many of the same features as Kingsoft Spreadsheets, including support for common file formats. However, it isn`t nearly as easy to use. With that being said, it has its own unique advantages, such as support for creating macros and an automatic spell check feature.

Also, OpenOffice Calc allows different tool sets to be detached from the main program window to provide more space for working while still providing access to tons of useful features. The Extension Manager lets you add features to OpenOffice Calc that aren`t included in the default program, which is another way you can customize the program to your liking.

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Want to break down your monthly budget even more? Try the free weekly budget template. This template can help give you a snapshot of your spending each week, allowing you to see where you can really cut back.

After searching for the perfect budgeting template for years, Libby Kane of Business Insider decided to create her own. This template is perfect for anyone looking to track both their business and personal spending all in one place. While it is pretty detailed, it`s easy to simply delete or rename the categories that don`t fit your lifestyle.

If you need to create a spreadsheet and think you don`t have a spreadsheet program, think again. Most computers come with free spreadsheet software, there are freeware spreadsheets available online and you can create web-based spreadsheets. Each option enables users to create a free spreadsheet.

As a small-business owner, blogger Alexa Mason of Single Moms Income needed a spreadsheet to track all of her business income and expenses. So she created the income tracker spreadsheet. This spreadsheet is particularly helpful for income-earning bloggers, although you can easily swap out the line items to fit your business needs.

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